Serbian Woes: Grass Won't Do Them Any Good

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IJune 11, 2010

When you think of tennis, many countries may come to mind.  There is Russia, the United States, Belgium, Denmark, and, of course, Serbia.

Serbia currently has three good players: Novak Djokovic, Jelena Jankovic, and Ana Ivanovic.  Novak Djokovic is the current No. 3, while Jankovic is the World No. 4.  Go down, down, down the ranks and Ana Ivanovic is there at No. 46.

All of these players are currently struggling with their form.  Novak Djokovic lacks mental toughness; Jankovic still lacks the confidence, and Ana Ivanovic is suffering from the same problem as Jankovic, along with technical problems.

Although Djokovic's and Jankovic's ranking might not prove so, they both are struggling mentally and could plummet down the rankings as Ivanovic has done.  Djokovic just recently dropped a two-sets-to-love lead at the French Open to a player ranked approximately 20 places lower than him.  

Jelena Jankovic was dumped by Samantha Stosur at Roland Garros, winning only three games.  Meanwhile, Ana Ivanovic is still suffering with her serve, once one of the best on the tour, and confidence.  

It seemed like she was back on the way to the top after reaching the semifinals in Rome, but was ousted in the second round.

It is unfortunate for the Serbian trio that their recent struggles will likely continue in this European grass-court swing.  Neither of the three particularly enjoys playing on grass.  Even though Djokovic reached the semis here and is quite good on grass, and Ivanovic excels on any surface if she is confident, their current games right now just won't make the cut.

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It is a disappointment to not only themselves, but the fans, to see such talented players not live up to their full potential.  I pray that these tennis professionals will live up to their dreams and become true champions.

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