Mark Sanchez: What to Expect From the New York Jets Sophomore

Zach Berger@theZachBergerCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

As Mark Sanchez's second season leading the Jets comes closer and closer, one thing is on everyone's mind. Nobody wants to say it. Nobody wants to jinx the young quarterback, but everyone knows it's a possibility. The infamous sophomore slump.

Matt Ryan went through a semi-sophomore slump this past season. Matt Forte saw his numbers in both yardage and touchdowns drop off and he fumbled five times as much.

Cadillac Williams averaged 27.14 less yards per game in his sophomore season than in his rookie. Julius Jones and Kevin Jones each dropped around 25 yards per game.

Mike Anderson was extremely productive in his first season, but he averaged around 51 yards less his sophomore year.

There is only so much a player can progress in his second year. A rookie (or at least a rookie who actually plays) will become acclamated to the professional game during that first year.

He learns the in's and out's of football, the nuances of the game, in his first year. Once a football player enters his sophomore year, he knows the game. He knows what he has to do. If he doesn't play as well, its either because the opposition has started to figure him out, or because he is not meant to be in the pros.

I'm not saying that Matt Ryan isn't going to be a great quarterback. Players often work their way back from slumps and often return to their old form. So that leads me to the question:... (read the rest on Jets Jive by clicking the link below)


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