Did Chris Pronger's Puck-Stealing Tactics Work?

Lisa BoychukSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2010

Defenseman Chris Pronger, member of the Philadelphia Flyers for the past two seasons, is no stranger to creating media-frenzy-type controversy. However, his latest act puts the icing on the cake.

On June 1, Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks hosted the Flyers.

Chicago won the game, 3-1.

While it was a typical, physical playoff game, the dirtiest play took place following the final buzzer.

Following any Blackhawk victory, the tradition for Chicago on its home ice is to reward the player of the game with the game-winning puck. However, after Tuesday's game, the puck was nowhere to be found...except in the hands of Pronger (literally).

Pronger decided to snatch the beloved game-winning puck after the game so that the Blackhawks could not have it. The reasoning behind his erratic behavior is unknown.

Was it to show off? Was it a way to taunt the Blackhawks by giving the sign of something such as "Game's not over"? Was it to frustrate the Blackhawks?

Perhaps he was trying to draw out their tempers to provoke more penalties the following game.

Whatever the real reason behind Pronger's antics, it was extremely unclassy—but it worked, as Philadelphia won Games Three and Four of the series.

Look for the Flyers to put up a good fight as they face elimination tonight in Game Six.

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