Boise State Quarterback Situation Presents Plenty of Options

Mark PaynterContributor IJuly 23, 2008

The 2008 Boise State football campaign may prove to be a blessing in disguise.  There is much anticipation about who will take the reins of the Bronco offense this season, and what the possible outcomes may be.

Let's begin with the only senior signal caller: Bush Hamdan.

Hamdan will definitely be the leader as far as knowledge of the Boise State offense.  However, he has a severe downside—he only has one year to play.  He has shown poise and moxie in the pocket, and also the ability to scramble when needed.

Hamdan has shown that his arm strength is sufficient, and he rarely makes mistakes.  However, he rarely plays too.  He is small in stature compared to most highly ranked quarterbacks, weighing in at 195 pounds and standing at 6'0".  That does not help his cause.

Last year, the Broncos were in the same situation regarding the QB position, and they were able to scrape together 10 wins.  Ironically, 10 wins was still a disappointment in most Boise State fans' eyes, and probably the coaches' too—though they may not admit it.

What does Boise State gain from starting a senior?  Nothing.

Junior Nick Lomax and sophomore Mike Coughlin have arguably the perfect athletic builds for the prototypical NCAA Division I gunslinger.  They each stand at 6'5" or taller, and both weigh in at 220 pounds.

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Lomax follows in the steps of his father Neil, who was a starting QB for the Phoenix Cardinals.  Lomax was the talk of the town his freshman year, mainly because of his name and size.  Boise State fans are not given many opportunities to see the play of those deep on the depth chart, especially at quarterback.

Lomax has had accuracy problems, coupled with some poor decision-making in spring ball.  Can he pull it together during a big game?

Sophomore Mike Coughlin, highly touted out of the San Diego area, was seen by some as the savior.  He seemed to have some of the qualities of Jared Zabransky, as far as speed in a spread offense.  He has a strong arm and is an overall good athlete.  He too has struggled at times with his accuracy.

He is almost in the same position Zabransky was when he started—the sophomore versus the senior.  Coughlin may make an interesting choice for the beginning of the season, but he is unlikely to start.

The sleeper quarterback is hardly a sleeper.  Redshirt freshman Kellen Moore has all of the intangibles a successful quarterback possesses.  He has passion, intelligence, poise, accuracy, and oh yes, some flashiness.

One of the top high school quarterbacks the state of Washington has ever produced, Kellen Moore arrived in Boise as just another face.  Upon his arrival in the Gem State, Moore studied for countless hours trying to learn the Bronco offense.

The complexities of multiple motions and different packages have not made for a simple transition for the Prosser native—but you wouldn't know that by watching him in spring ball!

This kid has the potential to be the real deal in Boise.  He had an outstanding spring and is in line to produce for the Broncos.  He stands at 6'1" and 190 lbs, and though he's not 6'7" like Lomax, he has accuracy.  He throws a lefty spiral that is breathtaking.

Moore is the smart choice for the 2008 season and beyond at Boise State.

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