Wheels in Motion: Toronto Raptors Offseason Speculations, Part I

Pompaci BehcetContributor IJune 4, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 06:  Head coach Jay Triano of the Toronto Raptors watches the final minutes of the game agaainst the New Orleans Hornets on February 6, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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Despite the deafening silence on the management's part, one can tell plans are already being made. Like train robbers routinely did in Western movies, you can hear the powerful engine coming towards your way if you kneel down and press your ear against the rails.

It is only natural that the off-season drama has been building up after one of the most anticipated seasons of Raptors franchise was proven to be a failed experiment. One should be grotesquely ignorant not to see this is just a beginning.

Acquisition of P.J. Carlesimo: This news, while being important, past by many columnists. The first thing came to my mind was we might be looking at our new backup coach.

Suppose we get a 6-14 record or less in the first quarter. Then they may fire Jay Triano and name this NBA veteran as the new coach of Toronto Raptors. Wouldn't be the first time, would it?

Even if that doesn't happen, P.J. Carlesimo is a defense-minded strategist that the team needs. I see no harm in having him as one of the five assistant coaches the franchise employs. Basically every 2 player will have a dedicated coach; this ought to make sense! 

Hedo’s Outburst: He has every right to be pissed; it appears management did throw him under the bus for that one. But it is not like his behavior was top-notch throughout the season.

I didn’t personally see him partying till wee hours a night before the games, but that is the word on the street. You don’t see the smoke unless there is a fire. So it is understandable for the management to eventually call him on that.

In any case, this had to be dealt after the season; not during. I won’t say it cost us the playoffs, but mishandling of the situation hurt us dearly.

Management did not comment on the situation and swept everything under the rug. They either want not to damage already sinking reputation of the franchise by turning this into a controversy or they may still want to utilize the services of the almost All-Star point forward.

This is a very smart move on Bryan Colangelo’s part. Because if Chris Bosh leaves, a playoff veteran like Hedo can be a real asset; especially with at least a small-scale rebuilding in works.

If not, he still get to have the ball in his hands with some tweaks on the starting line up. In any case, there would be no point in further tarnishing the value of a player that you may want to trade.

In part 2, I will be writing about Jose Calderon situation, Sonny Weems / DeMar DeRozan dilemma, to Bosh or not to Bosh, free agents of our own, and the perfect line up waiting to happen.


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