10 Mascots That Make You Go...Hmmm

Michael DembyCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

We’ve all heard of popular mascots, such as those Bulldogs from Georgia, Kentucky Wildcats, and the Texas Longhorns.  Although these examples symbolize big college sports and tradition, their names are, well, ordinary. 

How many Bulldogs, Tigers, and variations of ‘Cats can there be? 

So, I’ve endlessly searched the wonderful world wide web and have dug up 10 unique mascot names that you may not have heard of.  I’ve represented Divisions I-III in this list.

Rose-Hulman Tech Fightin’ Engineers: I wonder if their mascot is a dancing T-Square.

Webster University Gorloks (pictured above): I don’t know about you, but it looks like Mufasa from the Lion King with a shirt on.

Academy of Art Urban Knights: What is an Urban Knight?  My first thought is Batman or something.

Sweet Briar College Vixens (college for women): I don’t know how good their teams are, but something about their mascot makes me want to get season tickets.

Whittier College Poets: Nothing strikes more fear in an opponent than those vicious Poets!  Hey, they say the pen is mightier than the sword.

Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns: My favorite mascot name of all time.  Creativity at its best.

University of Hawaii-Hilo Vulcans: Their sporting events must look like mini Star Trek conventions.  What's up Spock!

UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs: Hey, you just have to love this mascot name. 


Heidelberg College Student Princes: I’m good with Princes.  But Student Princes sounds like they could kill their opponents in a game of problem solving instead of basketball.

Brooklyn College Bridges: I picked this one because it is unique.  I didn’t say they were all creative.  When choosing this name, a person must've just looked outside and said, “I got it…Bridges…all right, let’s go to lunch.”

Well, there’s my list.  Do any of you have any creative mascot names to add to the list?