Looking Ahead To 2010-11: New Look Real Madrid Or The Old Galacticos V2?

Muffakham Shaheriyar@@muffakhamCorrespondent IMay 20, 2010

MALAGA, SPAIN - MAY 16: Head coach Manuel Pellegrini (L) gives instructions to Cristiano Ronaldo during the La Liga match between Malaga and Real Madrid at La Rosaleda Stadium on May 16, 2010 in Malaga, Spain. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
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Every year since the dawn of the Galacticos Era, all of the world waits in anticipation for the "Real Dollars" to roll in into the transfer market. Last year, the returning Perez pumped in the money and got all his money's worth in terms of merchandising.The football aspect left a little to be desired though. So as we look ahead to the next season, most of us expect or want another spending spree, with certain friends of mine even going to the extent of suggesting it as the only way forward.

However, my take, as always, is to avoid another transfer spree. If I were in Valadano's place this is what I would have done.

Its important to look at what we have have before going out to buy something. Essentially Cristiano Ronaldo is the crux of this Galactico team. So keeping him in mind & deciding he is best as the right winger, I suggest the following changes:

Transfer Ins:

a) Felipe Melo:

          Surely he has had a poor season at Juventus. But we all know his class. His plunders with Brazil are well known. So surely in him we will get a player who would be an able foil to Xabi Alonso. His tendency to stay in our own half would allow Xabi to venture ahead while he would be able to win balls for Xabi to float around.

b) Juan Mata:

           In Juan Mata,we get an able Left Winger who can complement CR9. Mata's ability is unquestionable. Plus, he is also good in front of the goals. At Madrid he would be assured of a spot in the starting XI.

Transfer Outs:

a)Royston Drenthe:

           He is a player of quality but unfortunately is neither suited nor required at Madrid.

b)Fernando Gago:

           Another player of tremendous potential. Loaning him to some club would be an option. A loan to Manchester City won't be bad nor would be a move to Boca Juniors.

Swap Deals:

a) Ashley Cole-Rafael Van Der Vaart

           This is the most interesting one. Rumors, if to be believed, suggest Kaka-Ashley Cole deal. However, from the Blancos point of view, a swap involving Rafael Van Der Vaart and Ashley Cole would be better. Kaka has class and as they say, "Form is temporary; Class is permanent." And, in Granero, they have a player who can play from the center.


Retain Pellegrini

         Manuel Pellegrini has a done a fair job and should be retained. Leaving him for Mourinho would be a mistake. Pellegrini would provide stability plus he has the respect of the players, most importantly of Iker Casillas (The club captain henceforth..)

The Squad:

          The 2010-11 squad should be something like this:

                                                  Iker Casillas

                             Pepe                                    Albiol               

Sergio Ramos                                                                                   Cole



   Cristiano Ronaldo                          Kaka                                   Juan Mata      


Points To Be Noted:

a) Raul and Guti should be retained for one more season. Guti is the master maverick as we all know and Raul is the spirit of Real Madrid. Though Raul is nearing his end, he should be asked to stay.

b) Benzema should be prefered to Higuain because it's obvious next season would be make or break for the Benz in every respect of his career. He has Zidane's backing and it's time for him to prove it right. Higuain's ability to go missing in big games is all to well known. So Benz should be given a run.

c) Ramos can be pushed to the center of the defence with Arbeloa as RB if needed.

Well,this is my take.Your views would be welcome..


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