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Michael SuddsCorrespondent IMay 19, 2010

DETROIT - DECEMBER 20:  William James #41 of the Detroit Lions takes the field during player introductions prior to playing the Arizona Cardinals on December 20, 2009 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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I’m antsy! Not a good thing for an old Jarhead.

With so little going on with our Lions these days, I thought that I’d open a discussion about our favorite Internet resources for Lions information, news, and chat. I have broken the websites into four categories: Daily Surfing Rituals, Sites For Research and Analysis, NFL Draft Sites, and Entertaining Sites With Lions Implications.

Daily Surfing Rituals (AKA Hanging until at least Ten)

I have a morning ritual (we Marines are like that) that goes something like this:

Boot up the laptop. Fetch coffee. Let dogs out. Let cats in. Login.

Open Browser and check e-trash while looking for B/R "Hits”. Sip sip.

Now I open my "Favorites" tab and go to freep.com. Here’s where I pick up the latest local scoop on the Lions. Sip.

From there I go to Pro Football Talk.com. PFT is most useful after 9:30AM when the daily “One Liners" is posted. PFT is a pedestrian, albeit good resource for links to all NFL teams. The latest poop. The “Trolls” are out in force here, but many posts are hilarious. Some are even imaginative.

Time for more Java!

It’s time to check in at Bleacher Report. Catch up on Lions discussions, post replies, and read new articles. I do the same at the NFL Home, and NCAA Football Home tags.

After finishing my B/R chores (A labor of love) I surf over to the National Football Post. NFP sometimes has news tidbits that PFT hasn’t posted yet. The Lions signing of C.C. Brown is an example where PFT posted his signing a whole day later than NFP.

Then, I surf all of the usual suspects: SI.com, NFL.com, and the NFL Nation Blog - ESPN. By now, I usually have the latest info and am awake enough to go analytical.


Research and Analysis Sites (AKA The coffee has kicked in)

The R & A sites are particularly useful during the season, and also prior to the NFL Draft.  Free Agent testosterone levels are high for the feeding frenzy.

After completing my daily rituals above, I like to get into stats, and performances. Of course, I pay particular attention to the Lions as well as our division rivals. Here are some of my favorites:

The usual suspects mentioned above (SI.com, NFL.com, ESPN.com) provide a wealth of scores, game stats, and mostly astute analysis. These sites are entertaining and allow me to ease into my analytical mode.

C’mon! I’m not peeking at Internet Porn.

Walterfootball.com. Walter’s site is largely a Draft driven website. The reason that WalterFootball gets chosen as an R & A website is the forum. The contributors here have made this forum one of the most analytical and controversial around. The forum is a “No Trolls” zone. There is little tolerance here for the mediocre. Fools need not apply.

One of my very favorite R & A websites is TheLionsInWinter.com. Ty (I don‘t know his last name), is the site owner and self proclaimed “Flamekeeper”. His blog is one one of the most cerebral that you will find. His analysis leaves no stone unturned. His readers are left with the certain knowledge that they just became smarter for the experience. Once read, Ty’s website is intoxicating.

There is one site that provides the most in depth analysis of all. ProFootballFocus.com. The PFF staff evaluates every player, at every position, on every play.

An enormous undertaking.

The comprehensive stats gathered on a play-by-play basis enables the PFF team to present a detailed look at how every player performed. You can even evaluate players during critical drives. Players are graded and ranked in their respective position groups. This, in my opinion, is the most ambitious and important R & A resource on the planet.


Open the Discussion (AKA This article is putting you to sleep)

I have offered up some of my favorite Lions website resources, and the methodology that I employ in utilizing them. I also offered up some Research and Analysis websites that I frequent.

For the sake of brevity, I will save the remainder of this article for the next installment:

NFL Draft Sites, and Entertaining websites that have Lions implications.

Please share your favorite Internet resources for the benefit of all. Our community deserves all of the advantages that networking can provide.

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