College Football's Perfect Day

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterJuly 18, 2008

It happened last year—one perfect day.

Trojan fans may also refer to it as "the hat trick" or "trifecta."

Three is the key number. Three things that have to happen to make it a perfect day.

"A perfect day" was a phrase first coined by the voice of USC Football, Pete Arbogast. It refers to a magical moment when the planets all align and the world of college football, at least in Los Angeles, California, stops, and celebrates.

It's when USC wins, and both Notre Dame and UCLA lose.

It actually happened last year, on November 10th, when USC beat Cal, UCLA lost to Arizona State and Notre Dame lost to Air Force.

For sure, when the games' scores are announced at the Coliseum, you can hear a collective sigh if one of USC's two rivalries wins. But when both lose, it's time to party.

It's the Trojans' Schadenfreude.

Are they the only ones that have this loathing of seeing their rivalries win? Who take joy in seeing other teams lose? Are there a lot of teams that have two hated rivals instead of the standard one?

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Surely, there must be some other teams who celebrate the glorious hat trick in college football.

A few of the more notable ones are listed below, can you add any more?

Notre Dame's Perfect Day:

The Irish win, and both USC and Michigan State lose.

Michigan's Perfect Day:

The Wolverines win, and both Michigan State and Ohio State lose.

Florida's Perfect Day:

The Gators win, and both Georgia and Florida State lose.

West Virginia's Perfect Day:

The Mountaineers win, and both Pittsburgh and Va Tech lose.

Mizzou's Perfect Day:

The Tigers win, and both Kansas and Iowa State lose.

Alabama's Perfect Day:

The Tide wins, and both Auburn and Tennessee lose.

Florida State's Perfect Day:

The 'Noles win, and both Miami and Florida lose.

Clemson's Perfect Day:

The Tigers win, and both South Carolina and North Carolina State lose.

Louisville's Perfect Day:

The Cardinals win, and both Cincy and Kentucky lose.

Kentucky's Perfect Day:

The Wildcats win, and both Louisville and Tennessee lose.

Colorado State's Perfect Day:

The Rams win, and both Colorado and Wyoming lose.

Navy's Perfect Day:

The Midshipmen win, and both Air Force and Army lose. (you can substitute any service academy for another to make this hat trick work.)

Oregon's Perfect Day:

The Ducks win, and both Oregon State and Washington lose.

Texas' Perfect Day:

The 'Horns win, and both the Sooners and Texas A&M lose.

Let's celebrate these "perfect days" and enjoy our silly Schadenfreudes. It's what makes college football the most exciting and passionate sport in the world.

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