Leave Him Alone! Why Ray Lewis Doesn't Deserve Your Disrespect

Will WalkerCorrespondent IMay 7, 2010

28 Jan 2001: Ray Lewis #52 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates celebrates stopping the New York Giants during Super Bowl XXXV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck/ALLSPORT
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Something has been REALLY annoying me over the years. Ray Lewis, who is tied for my favorite player, is an incredible leader, person and linebacker. He is the best in the game, and he is, in my opinion, the greatest linebacker of all time.

Yet people still find a way to criticise him. Because of a trial Sugar Ray faced where he was found NOT GUILTY! I don't understand how you can be angry at someone for something they didn't do.

The evidence wasn't there that Sugar Ray did anything. AT ALL! People also criticise him because he supposedly was "at a strip club."

Even if this is true, which I am almost positive it wasn't (he was at a bar celebrating his trip to the Super Bowl) here's a little fact: RAY LEWIS IS NOT MARRIED, AND NEVER WAS!!!! So why would something like this matter?

One word. BIAS! My own uncle, a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, and a G-Men fan, told me one day that Ray Lewis was charged with murder. I knew he was innocent, and i didn't believe a word out of his mouth.

Of course, one day I mentioned how Lawrence Taylor was a two-time crack cocaine addict, was arrested for rape, and brought prostitutes into athletes' locker rooms to tire them out. He was not the least bit affected. If that is not bias, I don't know what is.

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My whole family lately has been trying to convince me Ray is a "disgusting person" and call me a "disgusting person" for liking him. Every time I try to tell them otherwise, they criticize me again.

Well I have a message to them, and everyone else who has a problem with Sugar Ray. LEAVE HIM ALONE! He didn't do anything! The only people who hate him, are racists and bias people, who want an excuse.

Well, here's my excuse. EVIDENCE! You can whine all you want about how Ray Lewis is getting older, but you can NOT tell me that he is a criminal. Piss off to you all!

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