Michael Vick as an Eagle in 2010 Just Doesn't Make Sense

Chris Mcduffy@dsgballdayContributor IMay 5, 2010

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 06:  A fan of Michael Vick #7 (not pictured) of the Philadelphia Eagles holds up a sign during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 6, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There has been a lot of cyber chatter recently in regards to Michael Vick's status with the Philadelphia Eagles. Many people have been reporting that Michael Vick will not be happy as a No. 2 quarterback behind Kevin Kolb in 2010. 

Some people are saying that Vick will be traded during the preseason as other teams begin to experience injuries and set backs.  

Let’s look into this situation a little deeper, shall we? 

Let’s pretend that you are Michael Vick and have been out of prison now for a year after committing one of the most heinous crimes one can commit against animals.

In your first year, you spent some time behind one of your childhood idols in Donovan McNabb, so the learning experience was priceless. And besides, you needed the year to become re-acclimated with the pro game once again and to regain your speed and timing.

Now its year two. Your idol has been shipped out and replaced with a young, unproven prospect that has been waiting in the wings for his shot prior to your arrival. As a former three-time pro bowl quarterback feeling one hundred percent back and ready to compete for a championship once again, you would find it hard to call yourself a backup at least on this team.

Unlike the thousands of Michael Vick “haters” in the world, I have seen every game and every pass that Vick has thrown and every run that he has made in this league. This is a special guy with special talents and the fact is if he is even half way back to where he was with the Falcons he’ll clearly be the best QB on the Eagles roster.

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Let’s take a look at another possible scenario: What happens if a team comes knocking this summer and convinces Andy Reid and the Eagles front office to trade Vick? 

Chances are that the Eagles will be satisfied with rebuilding in 2010 and will most likely bring in a non-threatening veteran QB (non threatening meaning a QB that will be content with being a backup).

Now the irony in trading Vick would be if during the 2010 season both Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb have winning seasons with their teams and the Eagles struggle. 

The franchise would be in a situation where the fans will be pointing the finger at the front office, asking why they worked so hard to get rid of the two best most proven quarterbacks on the roster. 

The last scenario would be if Kolb starts the season poorly. What happens in this case? Well, being that this is Philly, where they taser fans and boo Santa Clause, it won’t be long before the fans start calling for Vick to get his shot. 

I honestly do not think that Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles want a quarterback controversy going into this season, so realistically, it is hard for me to imagine them keeping Michael Vick on the roster unless they feel that Vick will be a safe fallback option if the Kolb experiment hits a snag.

The only question is, how patient will Michael Vick remain knowing that he may very well be the better QB, and how disciplined will this young team be if the season starts off rough due to poor a quarterback performance and a lack of willingness to change.

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