Parts of LP Field Under Water

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IMay 3, 2010

 The flood that Middle Tennesseans will never forget has now affected the Tennessee Titans as flood waters have been reported to reach the third row of bleachers in LP Field.

These flood waters are coming from the Cumberland River, which is still currently rising as we speak and not expected to stop until later tonight.

Some high ranking officials within the organization, including Jeff Fisher, aren't too worried about the field or the structure itself. The main concern is with any electrical equipment that was stored under the stadium itself.

Officially the water is at four feet on the field, but it's important to remember that these NFL fields are built with state of the art draining mechanisms. However, I still expect there to be minor damages to the field.

This would be a much bigger deal if the season was closer to starting, but there's still over three months before the first preseason game kicks off.

The Titans practice facility is also in danger of being damaged by the flood waters.

This is the least of our concerns here in Nashville as residents all across the mid-state have lost their homes, vehicles, and in some cases loved ones.

Some of the players have been personally affected by this disaster including Chris Johnson whose neighborhood is completely flooded.

Other major Nashville landmarks being affected are 1st Avenue, Broadway, and the Opryland Resort.

People love their Tennessee Titans around here and it thankfully looks like LP Field will only suffer minor damages to this historic disaster.


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