The Story of New York Mets Fan: Cow-Bell Man

Flushing Baseball DailyContributor IApril 29, 2010

Eddie Boison, more commonly known as cow-bell man, was a fixture at Shea Stadium, and now is just as prominent at Citi Field, as Boison has been a die hard Met fan all his life.

It was nice to see SNY giving a shout-out to cow-bell man Thursday night  on air, yet I was disappointed when Keith had to think for a second about who he was (Gary knew right on the spot.)

The 50-something Boison wanders the stadium in his “Cow-Bell-Man” No. 15 batting practice jersey (he changed his number from 10 after Carlos Beltran joined the team.)

Boison never knows where his seats are, he travels across the stadium hitting his cow bell to the tune of “Lets Go Mets” and continues to do so throughout the game, specifically critical moments of the game.

His day job is a cafeteria worker, and has been in the cow-bell business since 1975, where he hit his original cow-bell to the chant of “Lets Go Mets," people cheered, and the rest was history.

He was a fixture at the Shea Stadium (and later on Citi Field.) Cow-bell man is the die hard of die hard fans going to seemingly every single Mets game and moving throughout the upper levels of the ballpark, where most Met fans know him.

Boison is compared to other Tri-State area super fans such as the Jets Fireman Ed and the Yankees Freddie Sez.

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Personally, I know him about as well as a Mets fan could know him. He knows me by name, and it is always great to stop for five-to-10 minutes to talk some baseball with him.

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