Fordham Shortstop Becomes Internet Sensation After Amazing "Flip"

Sam BlumCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

When Brian Konwacki came to the ballpark (more like the somewhat functioning baseball/football field) at Fordham University, one can only doubt that he had any idea what was in store for him.

Heck, he wasn't even in the starting lineup, and was only inserted into the game because the Fordham bats were ice cold against the worst team in the MAAC, the Iona Gaels.

After being put into the game Konwacki reached base three times. However, all of them were hard fought, seeing as he was hit by the pitch all three times. So when Chris Walker singled up the middle, you better know that Konwacki was just a little fired up to get back at the team that caused him so much pain.

A fielding error out in center forced the third base coach to send Konwacki even though he was dead meat at the plate. However, Konwacki was able to dodge the tag in literally the only way he could. A flip in the air, and a perfect two handed landing on home plate to give Fordham an 11-9 lead after entering the inning down 9-3. 

The play was recorded via a Fordhamsports.com videocast of the game in horrible quality, and audio is credited to a local station, WFUV.

However, the video became an overnight sensation as it was a top play on ESPN.com and it found its way to being lead stories on MLB.com and yahoo.com. Not only that, but it lit up twitter accounts today, while a simple search of Fordham will get you thousands of hits from the millions of posters that happened to see this incredible play which is being dubbed the "Fordham Flip". 

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This, in fact, was not the first time Brian Konwacki has found himself on major news stands.

Earlier this year, after Fordham's stunning upset over Miami, Konwacki had a two page photo spot in Sports Illustrated after taking a hard hit on a slide from a Miami player. 

Fordham baseball isn't a big deal by any stretch of the imagination. Located in the East Bronx, Fordham is a secluded university with sub-par athletic facilities. Its basketball gym is the oldest remaining gym in Division I basketball. Across the street is the baseball field where no more than 100 fans will attend games—usually just parents and bored students.

However, for one day, Fordham baseball is king, and Brian Kowacki is Superman.

Check out the video. Courtesy of Yahoo!