Kiffin Strikes Again: Has the Trojan Culture Been Enhanced or Ruined?

Jon Sarver@ IApril 20, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 04:  Reggie Bush #5 of the USC Trojans runs past Michael Griffin #27, Drew Kelson #4 and Aaron Ross #31 of the Texas Longhorns en route to scoring a 26 yeard touchdown in the fourth quarter of the BCS National Championship Rose Bowl Game at the Rose Bowl on January 4, 2006 in Pasadena, California.  Texas defeated USC 41-38.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
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It's happened again!

According to the Associated Press.....

Multiple sources are reporting that USC tight end Anthony McCoy tested positive for marijuana at the NFL scouting combine in February.

Both and the Associated Press cited unnamed sources in the report about McCoy, who is considered a possible second- or third-round pick in this week's NFL draft.

It makes you wonder.......What the heck was really going on during the Pete Carroll era?

It's easy to say, don't over react.

It's easy to scream that everyone seems to be after the Trojans.

It's easy to ignore the facts and count the Pac 10 Championships and BCS appearances.


Even with all the love that has gone departing coach Pete Carroll's way

Do you wonder?

Why Pete left so quickly.

It's easy to say we have expected this for years.

But we didn't expect the 09' Trojans to look more like the 2001 edition than the 2008 team.

And yes, those of us who personally attended Trojan games saw the 2009 bunch get manhandled offensively and defensively a lot!

What happened to competition Thursdays?  It looked more like In N Out Saturdays for the offense and the defense.

But you knew old Uncle Pete and his staff of superstars would out coach them, right?

However, the invincible Trojan coaching staff was perplexing and yikes......normal.

And to make matters worse, besides being out-coached, they were out muscled and out manned several times last season

What's makes it more difficult to stomach is the Joe McKnight "thing," the ongoing Reggie Bush "thing," and little player character issues such as Anthony McCoy "thing" keep coming up.

Doesn't it seem a little odd that Pete bolted how he did and when he did, so close to National Signing Day and all?

Yes, it was an offer he said he couldn't pass up.

Maybe, it was the perfect time to get out of Dodge before the new sheriff (NCAA) came knocking on the door with the "real evidence" to nail them.

We will know about that soon enough and for sure the debate will rage on....

Which leads us to Lane Kiffin and the obvious coaching philosophy change at Heritage Hall.

Lane Kiffin is young.

Lane Kiffin is privileged.

Lane Kiffin once stuck the proverbial golden shoe in his mouth, repeatedly.


Lane Kiffin  has apparently learned something from his other jobs.

That is...keep your nose clean and your mouth shut (for the most part).

Well, other than a few jabs at Rick Neuheisel, he's done pretty good at that too!

The other day, Kiffin had the audacity to question what was once thought to be a stockpile of future NFL Hall of Famers.

That being, every USC recruiting class for years...

He claimed that there were several positions that were woefully thin and under prepared.

Didn't he just nail the holy grail of Trojan lore, Pete Carroll?

Yes, but he was right.

For whatever reasons the highly rated Pete Carroll recruiting classes were just not developing great football players.

You saw it and so do everyone else last year.

It was the first time we saw a legitimate leak in Pete Carroll's ship.

Then Lane Kiffin comes in and sends his former boss to the woodshed and laments the lack of skill position players with true grit.

Say what?

He got it right.

You saw it, shoot, everyone did.

The Trojans had become fat, lazy and impressed with their resume'. 

Then, to top it off Lane Kiffin closes the Hollywood style practices to the public. 

The guy tore the guts out of what made Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans so L.A. LIVE, so famous, so rock star!

Truthfully, it was the best thing he has done since he arrived here.  It gives less access to the slime balls such as Reggie's former buddies, Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake.  

It gives less opportunity for the under performing and way over hyped Joe McKnight's of the world to drive expensive "girlfriends" cars.

These kind of people who prey on these kids are dangerous and need to be monitored.

Every true Trojan fan should say, "close practices because those people are screwing up the program."

True Trojan fans may not love it, but due to the current turmoil the describes USC Football...Go Lane!

He's young, he cocky and he can be embarrassing, but the Cardinal and Gold should say thanks.

Thanks for saying what we already knew and didn't want to admit.

Thanks for doing what has to be done to restore integrity.

Yes, integrity and Lane Kiffin has just been used for the first time in a sentence.

Thanks Coach Kiffin!  You are cleaning it up before "we" even admitted there was a problem!


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