2010 NFL Draft: 5 Possibilities For The Buffalo Bills in Round One

Christopher DiCarlo@OfficialCJGatzContributor IIApril 17, 2010

The 2010 NFL Draft is ready to kick off within the next seven days, and teams are already preparing themselves for the decisions that will be made.

The focus right now is on the Buffalo Bills, and what they will do with their No. 9 overall selection in this years draft. Like other teams, there are plenty of options, especially being within the top ten.

The Bills have been everything but successful. Although going 9-7 in the 2004 season, Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs since 1999.

With this years draft coming up, the Bills will look to fill in what they've been missing in previous years. There are plenty of  possibilities for them sitting at No. 9, but the question is: Who goes to Buffalo in round one?

Here are my five possibilities for the Buffalo Bills in round one.

5. Offensive Line

It's no secret that the Bills have one of the worst offensive lines in the National Football League, so drafting a solid offensive tackle would help a lot.

With this years draft being very deep at the offensive tackle position, if they Bills decide to, they can grab a really good one.

Some tackles that could be available when Buffalo is on the clock are: Russel Okung, Brian Bulaga, Trent Williams, Bruce Campbell, Charles Brown, and Anthony Davis.

While Okung, Bulaga, Williams, and Campbell are all projected to be taken within the top 8, there's always a chance that one of them falls to Buffalo at No. 9.

Now I'm not saying the Bills will draft one of these guys, but if they are there Bills fans shouldn't be disappointed if they are wearing red and blue next season.

4. Nose Tackle

With the Buffalo Bills making the move to the popular 3-4 defense, a solid nose tackle is needed.

I know that Buffalo has Marcus Stroud, who happened to be the only solid defensive lineman on the team last season. But, everyone knows that Stroud may only have a few good seasons left in him.

The Bills run defense was awful in 2009, and adding a dangerous, run stuffing nose tackle wouldn't be a bad idea.

Some prospects the Bills should keep in mind while drafting in round one are: Dan Williams and Terrence Cody. These two guys are the only two true nose tackles that have a chance at going in round one.

Dan Williams edges out Terrence Cody in my opinion, mainly because of Cody's weight issues. Like Andre Smith in last year's draft, Cody is a VERY large man who weighed in at 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl.

If Buffalo is dead set on taking a nose tackle to reimburse their dreadful run defense, Dan Williams would be the guy, and will most likely be there come pick number nine.

3. Wide Receiver

The Bills don't have the worst receiving core in the league, but it's darn close.

Terrell Owens is currently still a free agent, with no intention of coming back to Buffalo.

So that leaves Lee Evans as the main guy in the Bills passing game. Josh Reed is also a solid asset to the Bills, but neither of these guys put up number one numbers.

Buffalo drafted James Hardy in 2008 with the intention of him being the guy. He's a big 6'5", 220 pound receiver who looks like a big play guy. Unfortunately for the Bills he's been everything but that.

So going into the 2010 season, the Bills need that playmaker. When you think of play making wide receiver in the upcoming draft, you think Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant will be the safest pick at wide receiver in the draft, granted his personal issues. Other than him, the next receiver taken could be early in round two.

If Buffalo is definitely looking for their number one receiver, and playmaker of the future, I say throw a wrench in the draft and draft Dez Bryant.

2. Quarterback

Most fans are looking for the Bills to go quarterback in round one, and they have good reason to.

The Bills have struggled to find their quarterback, and this draft is a good place to find one.

With the expectation of the St. Louis Rams to draft Sam Bradford with the first overall pick, the number two quarterback on the board is Jimmy Clausen.

Clausen is coming out of Notre Dame, a professional system. So picking Clausen is a safe pick, and he would have a shot right away to compete for the starting job.

If Jimmy Clausen is the guy, he will be competing against Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick for the start. Edwards and Fitzpatrick split time last year because of Edwards' injury.

A lot of people expect Buffalo to draft Clausen at No. 9, but I think they should wait and grab Colt McCoy in round two.

There are so many other needs for the Bills right now, that I think they can deal with Trent Edwards if they can't get McCoy.

1. Inside Linebacker

The Bills are making a big switch in their defensive scheme next season in switching to the 3-4. With that said, who do they have for inside linebackers?

In order to be successful in the 3-4, you need two solid inside linebackers to be the anchors of the defense. They have one stud of a linebacker in Paul Posluzny, another one is needed for defensive success.

With the ninth overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Bills should select Rolando McClain. He's probably the safest pick in the entire draft, and adding him would address a big need for the Bills.

If Buffalo hasn't thought about McClain, they should, because he could solve a lot of their defensive issues. Such as stopping the run, and solidity which the Bills lack.

McClain is easily a top three talent in the draft, passing up on such a talent will come back to haunt them.

My opinion on how the Bills should draft:

Round 1 - Rolando McClain, ILB

Round 2 - Colt McCoy, QB

Round 3 - Vladimir Ducasse, OT

Round 4 - Andre Roberts, WR

Round 5 - Donovan Warren, CB

I look forward to seeing how the Bills draft plays out, as well as every other team in the NFL. Draft day should be very interesting, and almost never goes as well as planned.

(If you would like to see a similar article written about another NFL team, leave a request in the comments! All feedback is welcomed, as well as criticism)


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