Why Have the Philadelphia Eagles Still Not Resigned Tracy White?

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IApril 17, 2010

Perhaps his name got lost in all the moving the Eagles have done this off season, or maybe he's run off to the Philippines to study the teachings of a crazy sect, but no matter what is going on there is absolutely no reason for Tracy White to still be floating around in free agency.

White is the type of guy every NFL team should have, and the Eagles were lucky enough to have him. He does whatever is asked of him, whether it's playing a nickel-linebacker role or giving it everything he has on special teams, the man does it all.

In a league filled with third-down pass-rushers, third-down running backs, Wildcat players, and all the other specialist roles, White was a guy who did everything short of catch a touchdown pass -- and did it all happily and willingly.

He's slightly reminiscent of Ike Reese earlier in this decade, but he might be a bit more athletic than even Reese was during his time in Philly.

I understand there's really no rush to resign White, as special teams players aren't exactly flying off the market, but he's a guy the Eagles cannot afford to undervalue. The special teams has been a weak spot ever since Jon Harbaugh left for Baltimore a few seasons ago, and it's mainly been due to a lack of guys like White.

Every team needs a few guys whose job depends on how they perform on special teams, because it's really the only thing that will keep them going 100 percent. However, the Eagles have been so deep at every position that the guys on special teams didn't fear for their job because they knew they were just the next guy in line.

With Bobby April on board and the prospect of finally having a game-changing special teams unit, now is not the time for the Eagles to undervalue who was arguably the best special teams player in the league last season, as well as a capable backup linebacker.