Chris Benoit -The Canadian Crippler

Jonathan SecoreContributor IApril 15, 2010

   Who is Chris Benoit? To Some people know him as the crazy drugged up Father that killed both his wife and son. To others Benoit is one of the craziest Pro Wrestlers known to man. In my eyes still Chris Benoit is the craziest Pro wrestler known to man. I'm not here to justify Chris Benoit's actions, because what he did was wrong and should suffer the consequence's. In his case was death. What i am here to talk about as Benoit the wrestler not the killer.

   I remember watching Raw, smack down and ECW and enjoying Benoit's matches. My Favorite match was wrestlemania 23 MVP Vs. Chris Benoit For the United States title. MVP did what he does best and that was running his mouth telling The Crippler who the man really was. After the talking was done, Benoit showed that actions speak louder than words by retaining the title and showing that he is arrogant and just nothing but talk.

   Benoit has held thirty-two championships during his professional wrestling career. Im sorry I jus dont know what else to wright about i jus really think Chris benoit was an amazing wrestler and shouldnt have his career smeared due to him murdering himself and family. Im sorry for the dissapointing article.

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