Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez: Manchester United New Prodigy

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IApril 8, 2010

I woke up this morning, stopped at Starbucks, got the paper, went to work. It was a normal day like any other. I get to work, send a few emails, check a few web pages and Bang!

Out of the blue I see, "Chicharito" Hernandez to Manchester United. I asked a co-worker, is today some type of April fools day that I dont know of?

I really could not believe it. You see, I'm a Guadalajara supporter. I have seen this kid since his debut in the Mexican 1st Division. I saw him cry when he scored that first goal after 5 minutes into the game.

I could see something special. He is a 3rd generation footballer from Guadalajara. His grandfather Thomas Balcazar is a legend in Mexico for being in the "campeonisimo". The historic Guadalajara team that was made of legends. In that "campeonisimo" era they won 8 championships in 10 years. Then you have his father. Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, (which is were the nickname comes from) who played for Mexico in the World Cup of Mexico 1986.

Over the past year, this kid has been unstoppable. He has played great football and seem like a player too good for the Mexican League. He scored 7 goals in 4 games to start this season and was called up for the National Team to see if he can win a spot for the World Cup in South Africa this summer.

It took him 3 games and 4 goals to be called up for the squad in South Africa 1 week ago. I knew that he was going to play in Europe after the World Cup. PSV has a great relationship with Chivas and along with them, teams from Germany, Spain and England had been monitoring him.

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However, there was no gossip of Manchester United being intrested. Therefore, the surprise was bigger than expected.

Javier will now join his former "Chivas de Guadalajara" team mates in Europe, along with Carlos Salcido (PSV), Francisco Rodriguez (PSV), and Carlos Vela (Arsenal) who all have come out of the Guadalajara youth system and are now playing in Europe.

To many Manchester Fans, this is a surprise and don't know much about him. I can tell you Javier Hernandez is fantastic with both legs, he can play alone as center forward or move to either wings. He has a great jump for headers and is very fast for counter attacks. He has the ability to take a shot in a very limited space or make the perfect pass for a partner to score the goal.

However, even with all these attributes, what makes him great is his passion for the game. This is a player that enjoys scoring. You see the happiness that being on the pitch brings him and he gives 100% every time he is playing the game. When you see him play and score, it brings back memories of when you played as a kid with your friends.

Will he make it at Manchester United? I belive so. He plays (played) in the most important team in Mexico with alot of pressure over his shoulders. He was able to take in all the media hype and become better and better each and every game.

The sky is the limit with Javier, you might be witnessing the birth of a Manchester United legend.

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