WWE Vs. Animes: Which Is Better to You?

Brittany AnsteadContributor IApril 8, 2010

Recently I read an article and the comments for it that were talking about how the Creative Team is currently running the WWE. When I read some of the first few comments, there were some that were comparing the WWE to the farthest thing from anyone's mind: animes.

Some people would probably be wondering why anyone would compare the WWE to something that is animated and a cartoon, while others would be thinking WTF is an anime.

A quick explanation to people that don't know anything about animes: Animes are cartoons that are originally made in Japan, but became extremely popular all over the world. If my explanation doesn't help, either ask someone about them or Google the word.

I actually got the idea to type this article from another writer up here, Iam D Real Deal yo. He was the genius behind an article talking about the WWE Creative Team.

But I am getting off topic. Back to my original article direction.

When most people watch the WWE, we have to sit through the same old crap week in and week out: the same main-eventers and world champions, mid-carders that are better than most of the main-eventers that just get buried, and a wide majority of the roster doesn't even get used right.

But, when I watch an anime, there is actually something about them that makes me stay hooked and want to watch the series all the way through: the plot keeps you guessing, there are characters with an edge, and it's not always the same guys that have to dominate the show.

Most people are just like 'Vince needs to restart the Attitude Era soon'. I loved the AE when I was younger (being the fact that I'm a teen now, I was maybe four or five when I got hooked on the WWE), but I don't think just bringing the AE back will help anything the way the WWE is now. 

We have a product people used to flock to TVs and stadiums just to see and now most people are just bored stiff when they watch RAW or Smackdown (I honestly think Smackdown is better) because mainly the WWE of today is aimed towards all of the children in the audience and at home that watch.

I have given it some thought that maybe this is the plan of the WWE for now, but maybe since so many guys are taking time off soon and with the draft coming up, we will see new blood in the main-event scene we want to see. Again I traveled off of my track of thought.

If the WWE were to take some form of inspiration from animes, maybe we could start to see a product with a hook that will keep fans of all ages hooked wanting more. If not, come Wrestlemania season/time next year we could see Kane vs. Sesame Street, and John Cena teaming with Dora the Explorer in the main event match.

This is the end of my article. I may not have done that good on it, but I think I somewhat made my point. Feel free to comment and tell me about anything I could to change the article to make it better.

Until next time, happy reading. 


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