Toughest Sport On A Player Physically, In My Opinion

CJ RobinsonContributor IApril 7, 2010

With all the different sports out there, some are much more physical than others. Take a look at golf, maybe you would strain a muscle hitting the ball, trip over your own shoes and fall onto the green or maybe even get knocked in the head by a ball hit by your opponent. Baseball is a bit more dangerous, you can get struck by a ball coming from the pitcher at you at over 80+ miles per hour, slide into a base and twist your knee, or lose a ball in the sun and get knocked in the face. Hmmm, but the sport I think is the toughest on an athletes body is football. Every game these guys go out there and literally slam into each other with full force on purpose. Now football happens to be my favorite sport so I love watching it but nothing is more disheartening than to see a player being hauled off on a stretcher on a golf cart going back to the locker room. These guys take a beating every game and also get knocked around pretty good during practices. I have several friends who have played in the NFL for the Saints, Vikings, Cardinals, Jets, etc and they have said after it was all said and done and they left the game to pursue other things in their lives that the pain was almost not worth it. Imagine having a 300+ pound guy coming at you full stream intentionally trying to take your head off? I can't so to all the football players out there College and Pro, my hat goes off to you! Thanks for being truly great athletes, it's a pleasure to watch you play!