Rumor Report: Nasty Boys Released from TNA Wrestling

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIIMarch 30, 2010

Recent rumors are circulating that the Nasty Boys have been released from TNA Wrestling.

Ryan Clark of ewrestlingnews.com has reported that according to the webmaster of the official website of The Honky Tonk Man, Brian Knobbs was involved in an incident at a TNA function where Spike TV executives were present.

The report says that the TNA officials were very unhappy with Knobbs, thus resulting in the tag team’s release.

However, The Honky Tonk Man has been the subject of several rumors that have been proven untrue, so take what comes from his mouth or website with a grain of salt.

Clark has also reported that the original contract to which the Nasty Boys were signed was a 90-day tryout contract, which may have led to the simple release.

As of this writing, TNA’s official website still lists the Nasty Boys on their official roster page. However, TNA has not been known to update their roster page as quickly as WWE.

This, of course, would leave Jimmy Hart without an on-air role, though he would be expected to stay around, as more work for him would likely surface.

This is great news for many TNA critics, who have stated that the older, slower wrestlers are what is keeping TNA from truly competing with WWE. The Nasty Boys have been the subject of much scrutiny and have been cited as one of the worst things to happen to TNA since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived.