16-Year-Old with 50-Inch Vertical Shocks Scouts

Joe FarrisContributor IApril 1, 2010

WINTON, AK - In a story that is quickly gaining steam around the college basketball community, a 6’4” 16-year-old basketball player with a 50-inch vertical leap has been discovered in a small town in Arkansas.
The commotion started two days ago when Darryl Jameston, playing in his first ever summer league game, took off from one step inside of the free thrown line and threw down a thunderous dunk. Stunned players and officials stopped play for nearly 10 minutes as they registered what had just transpired. Scouts who had come to see a player on the opposing team immediately got on their phones to spread the word about Jameston.
Before that game, Jameston was just a kid from the small town of Winton, Arkansas, population 240. Wearing a tattered tank top, faded jeans and a pair of all black Nike Air Max Hyperize basketball shoes, Jameston hardly looks like an explosive athlete.
Since the town of Winton doesn't have a high school basketball team, Jameston may have remained undiscovered if it weren't for his summer league feat. Since that night, multiple coaches and scouts have found their way to this tiny town to observe and measure Jameston’s unique skills.
Darryl is being compared to a lot of big name athletes with big time hops—but scouts are already suggesting that he may have superior leaping ability to them all.

"People used to talk about basketball players who could grab a quarter off the top of the backboard," said one scout. "But Darryl can grab the quarter with one hand and leave two dimes and a nickel with the other. No joke."

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