WWE Bans Chair Shots To The Head!!!

Blue StreakContributor IMarch 21, 2010

          We all know that WWE has gone PG.We all know the state of wrestling has changed.But this is just outraegous.Wrestling has almost never been about wrestling.It was about how much punishment one wrestler could stand.

                If they ban chair shots then whats next Mr.Mcmahon.What else can your greedy little mind come up with.What king coward wrestlers is your company going to attract?We all know nearly none of your main-eventers are techinical wrestlers,they are all brawlers.
         You can shove John cena down my throaght,make me think the undertaker is actually dead,make me think rey mysterio can beat luke gallows but you've crossed the line this time.

   You might as well spit in the face of steve austin.Does the attitude era mean nothing to you?

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