Matt Hardy Is Not World Championship Material

Blue StreakContributor IMarch 21, 2010

      Many people say that it is time for Matt Hardy to shine.But the fact is that he has almost no talent.If it wasn't for his brother Jeff than he would have been fired by now.His brother was also the only reason people paid any attention to the  hardy boys.Any ways here is why I think Matt Hardy is not main event material.

  1. He Has No Charisma/Mic Skills

        When him and his brother had that wrestlmania fued,I couldn't stop laughing when he talked.........."Your my brother Jeff''.He just sound so funny.And his charisma is hardly even visible.

   2. Terrible Moveset

       He has a leg drop from the second rope..and people kick out.Does the side effect from the top rope people kick out.His finisher is the overused diamond cutter.He is flat out boring to watch in the ring.

  3.Doesn't Have The Look Of The Champion

      Even when they made him ECW chamion for a little while, he was just boring.And lately he has been looking a little overweight, which has made him slow in the ring.His attire is just comedic with his retarded sky blue pants.

   Once again, the only reason he even has a job with the WWE is because of his brother.Kind've unfair to the people who actually have talent,right?This is just my opinoin so don't get all mad at me.Leave your opinoins in the comments.

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