Green Bay Packers New Uniforms Don't Make Me Green with Envy

Matthew AugustineContributor IMarch 18, 2010

The thought of the Green Bay Packers incorporating a third uniform was as exciting of news as I have heard since the Packers’ season was abruptly ended. This impulsive reaction should have been followed by a methodical thought process to decide what they came up with this time, because let’s be honest as a college student I’m living on my own (almost). 

Yet my maturation into adulthood was put on hold and childlike instincts of video game uniform combinations began.  It should come as no surprise that I was greatly disappointed with the unveiling last Friday (March 12). 

Now that I am settled down, I realize that all this could have been avoided taking into consideration the elementary adage that “history repeats itself”.  You see the Packers organization is notorious for relying on the past whenever available, and with ninety years of uniforms to revert too, why wouldn’t they “honor the past.”  

It may be disappointing to me that they happened to pick the oldest uniforms possible, especially with modern NFL regulations in place, but I am happy that it may segue announcers into talking about the legends in Green Bay from the pre-Favre era.

Mark Murphy’s attempt to bring the Packers into the new age of merchandising will undoubtedly be a hit with the Packer faithful, but I fear that it’s just one more excuse for fans looking for a forward moving bandwagon. Yet even worst case scenario the sales will balance GM Ted Thompson’s search for the next free agent signing.

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