Ben Roethlisberger: Guilty of Sin Does Not Mean He Broke the Law

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer IMarch 17, 2010

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 27:  Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks for a receiver during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on December 27, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This article is in reference to Todd Flemings article, which you can read here.

I know I said that I was done writing about this until the evidence actually came out. I believe this needs to be looked at from a different angle, though, because I believe the situation is getting looked at by a lot of people in the wrong way.

For starters, I have to say that this view is based on morality. If you are someone that is opposed to reading about moral issues, or someone that takes offense to biblical references, then please stop reading now.

These are the facts the we currently KNOW.

Ben Roethlisberger, while at his home in Georgia, was out for his birthday, celebrating with friends. Willie Colon was a part of the group, as were two Pittsburgh Police officers. There was a rumor on profootballtalk.com, that the party was billed as Ben-a-palooza.

At some point of the night, Ben was approached by a young lady. The lady had been drinking prior to joining Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger, according to the policemen he was with, never bought the girl a drink.

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No one has stated how long the young woman was with Ben prior to them deciding to go to the bathroom, but that, at some point, the two decided that they would go to the bathroom together.

Ben instructed two of his security men to block the door to the restroom, which they did.

According to reports, the officers that were with Ben were not drinking. According to the lawyer of Willie Colon, he has no idea of what happened.

At this point, these are the only FACTS that we know.

In the article by Todd Flemming, the comments are varied between support for Ben, and others that are opposed to him. Some say he needs to be released by the team. Some say he should be kicked out of football.

First off, no one, other than Ben and the accuser, have any idea as to what happened in that bathroom. She has not talked to the media. Ben has hardly talked to the media. And the investigators have not released any information. No charges have been filed.

These are the facts of the case.

To those people that have already said that Roethlisberger is guilty of a crime, shame on you. You have become the jury, and have made your decision without the benefit of any evidence.

For those of you that believe Roethlisberger is guilty of sin, you are dead on. However, Ben is not the only one that is guilty of sinning, so is his accuser.

Not knowing how drunk either person was at the time, some people are quick to say that they were sinning by drinking. In Luke 2, Jesus turns water to wine at a wedding, at the request of His mother, Mary. We cannot condemn either for that, due to the fact we don't know how drunk they were.

Due to security cameras, (I believe the club had 70) had Ben forced his accuser into the bathroom, I believe he would be in jail already. That means that the two of them consented to—AT LEAST—going into the bathroom together.

Matthew 5:28 states (In Jesus' words), "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Jesus also clearly states, in Matthew 7:1 that WE are not to judge. (2) "For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged; and with what measure you use, it will be measured back to you."

This means, that if you are willing to say that Roethlisberger is guilty simply because he is accused, then you too should be judged without the benefit of hearing any evidence. It also means that just because someone accuses you of something, regardless of your guilt or innocence, then you are guilty.

In a nutshell, what I am saying is:

If you choose to not be a fan of Roethlisberger due to the fact that he has committed sin, that is your prerogative. You have every right to like who you choose, and not like who you choose. Just remember, we are judged by the means that we judge.

If you believe he is guilty of breaking the law, simply because of accusations, then you are doing a disservice to the legal system, Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the NFL.

Here in America, we are ALL guaranteed the right to a trial by jury. We are supposed to be presumed as innocent until proven guilty beyond any REASONABLE doubt by a jury of our peers.

For those of you that already believe he is guilty, just pray that you are never in the same situation that Mr. Roethlisberger is right now. How would you feel if you did not commit a crime, and no one believed you?

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