Bleacher Article Inspires a Letter to President Obama

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A college class read the Bleacher article on Mrs. Flora Jackson. They are now composing a letter to the President of the United States to request that the 100-year-old Mrs. Flora Jackson be honored and recognized for her love of sports and quilting.

We wish to honor Mrs. Flora Jackson for Black History Month 2010. We can learn from history, and we can certainly use our creative writing to tell stories of citizens who have contributed to the wellness and creativity of America. We realize that contributions have been made in every echelon, and from all social or economic levels of our society.

The letter is posted:

Mr.  President.

As a part of our community service program, we want to make you aware of a creative and intelligent woman born 100 years ago, on October 15. Her name is Mrs. Flora Jackson.

Mrs. Jackson is a gifted seamstress who makes beautiful quilts. The designs in her quilts are mathematical. Although Mrs. Jackson is in her senior years, she is still an inspiration to students in the 21st century. Here is how the story begins.

I visited Cleveland, Ohio, and during my visit I attended the birthday party of Mrs. Jackson’s great-granddaughter, Halle. I learned that Mrs. Jackson lived alone in the South for many years, but now she resides with her children in a beautiful home that has been constructed with accommodations.

Mrs. Jackson steers her motored wheelchair, and she is reasonably independent, alert, clever, and creative.

As a result of meeting Mrs. Jackson, I have written three articles about her life and her mathematical artistry. Here are links to a couple of the articles.

This letter is a group project of a mathematics class at the Houston Community College – Central College in Houston, Texas. Many students at this college are seeking two year degrees, and some of them hope to go beyond the associate degree to attain a bachelors, masters, and even doctorates.

The class of Spring 2010 was so inspired by the awareness of Mrs. Jackson that they asked that we write you, Mr. President, to request a certificate of appreciation or proclamation for Mrs. Jackson.

We want Mrs. Jackson and her generation of African American women, and of senior citizens, overall, to realize the we appreciate their contributions to America.

We realize that the blood, sweat, and tears of their life have enriched and made fertile the opportunities and territories we tred in academics, medicine, law, social action, politics, and more.

We want to present Mrs. Jackson with the grandest “thank you” by asking that you help us honor a great woman from an earlier generation.

I am Damali Binta YAEL, and I have been active on your blog, discussing issues and concerns in our society. I am also an active writer on the Bleacher Report, the first place of publication of an article on Mrs. Jackson.

At this time, I want to present to you with my class an opportunity to join us in recognizing a woman who has lived beyond the octogenarian years to a full century of contributions to America.

Thank you, Mr. President. May we hear from you soon. And, may the appropriate form of recognition be awarded to Mrs. Flora Jackson for her contributions, and the bricks she placed in the foundation of a solid future for America.

The links to Mrs. Jackson’s articles:

Link 1

Link 2


Damali Binta YAEL

Professor of Mathematics

Senior Writer, Bleacher Report


Link to Organizing for America, President Obama's site


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