Titans Decide To Change Their Home Uniform

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

Most people on this site write passionately about the fans view of what has happened to their favorite teams.  But this has nothing to do with any of my favorite teams, but rather the aesthetic quality of the uniforms of the Tennessee Titans.

When the Titans were in Houston, playing as the Oilers, their home jersey was light blue, a similar color to the Titans alternate jersey for the past couple of seasons. 

The organization had clearly seen the increase demand to change the navy blue jersey to their alternate jersey.  This is true because when Vince Young was placed on the cover of the popular video game Madden 2008, he was wearing the light blue jersey with light blue pants.

This move makes sense because it will give the Titans a new look on the field with a much more stylish jersey.  Often times, teams change jerseys and it leads to immediate success. 

When the Jets reverted back to their jerseys from the Joe Namath days, they turned the franchise around, eventually leading to a AFC title game appearance against the Denver Broncos.

This Titans uniform alteration is not a change in the color scheme, but rather just the order of the uniforms. But it is not as dramatic as the Bucs switch from Bermuda orange to a red top.  This move signifies that Baby-Blue and teal are becoming more popular again as they once were during the late 80's-90's. 

The Titans now join the Denver Nuggets as wearing "Powder Blue" as a primary jersey, whether it be on the road or at home.


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