The 10 Most Disliked Programs of the Past 25 Years.

BabyTateSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2008

Love them or hate them, these are the 10 programs of the past quarter century that have inspired the most envy, dislike, and jealousy.

We examine the specific eras during the coaching periods at the schools, not the entire time as head coach. The list is consistent regarding these two requirements, you must have multiple seasons of success and have won a national championship during the specific era examined.

10)Tennessee, Phil Fulmer, 1995-1998, 45-5

9) Nebraska, Tom Osborne, 1993-1997, 60-3

8) Oklahoma, Bob Stoops, 2000-2004, 60-7

7) Florida, Steve Spurrier, 1993-1998, 65-10

6) Notre Dame, Lou Holtz, 1988-1993, 64-9

5) Colorado, Bill McCartney, 1989-1994, 58-11

4) Florida State, Bobby Bowden, 1987-2000, 152-19

3) Ohio State, Jim Tressel, 2002-2007, 66-11

2) Southern Cal, Pete Carroll, 2003-2005, 37-2

1) Miami Hurricanes, Jimmy Johnson, 1985-1988, 44-4

There couldn't be any other at #1.

Some resentments come and go, Bryant in the early 60s and Paterno in the late 60s both suffered from boos and hisses. They went on to take their places as giants of the game. While we do list the remarkable 14 year spectacle of Bobby Bowden's glory years, the other teams have much more narrow periods of well, dislike, so we concentrate only upon the specific periods that generated the most resentment.

You could add the entire period of Carroll, you may have forgotten Osborne's and McCartney's "criminal of the month club" of the 90s, the nationwide disrespect of Peyton Manning in Knoxville may be a distant memory but they're all here, ready for whatever you throw at them. 


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