NBA Teams Should Go One Step Further Than Expiring Contracts This Deadline

Andrew Bock@andrew_bockCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010


With NBA teams so interested in taking on expiring contracts this trading deadline, it would only make sense, at least to me, that someone trump the system and take on an already expired contract.

Think about it.  Stephon Marbury made in excess of $20 million last year.  If someone were to acquire that contract (I’m sure he has a copy), they could use that money right away.  It’s an ingenious, diabolical way to circumvent the salary cap restrictions.

The possibilities are endless.  Here’s the perfect scenario:  My favorite team is the Celtics.   The Celtics had Marbury last year, so they should have a copy of his deal.  They trade that already expired contract to Phoenix, for Amare Stoudemire.  The 125 percent salary factor works, so it’s not an issue.  The C’s are now loaded up front. 

And the Suns don’t have to wait until next season to go after the big name free agents.  They can go after LeBron or D-Wade tomorrow.  It’s win win for everyone. 

If I was Danny Ainge, I’d start digging through my filing cabinet to see what other contracts are in there.  I’m sure a team like Memphis would love to acquire Larry Bird’s old deal.  Think of all the revenue they could bring in with No. 33 Grizzly jerseys.  All we need in return is Rudy Gay.     

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