Midseason Cardinals Report with Former Cardinal Tommy Knight

Fanster.comCorrespondent INovember 7, 2007

AZSH: What was your overall reaction to the Cards loss to Tampa on Sunday? And why can’t this team seem to win on the road?

Tommy Knight: The Cardinal loss to Tampa Bay was very disappointing. The Bucs had been playing poorly the last two weeks and were headed into a late bye week. The Cards were seemingly healthy after their bye week and were in position to assume control of the weak NFC West.

The disappointment was because of the physical way in which they were beat. Everything starts at the line of scrimmage and the Cardinals were dominated on both sides of the ball. Their running game was non-existent and the Bucs dominated with their offensive line and RB Ernest Graham.

As far as winning on the road, the NFL philosophy is to defend home turf by winning at home and at least splitting the 8 games on the road. That is the goal and the perceived worst case scenario. That would put any team in playoff contention as the record would be 12-4. With the Cardinals, they have not achieved great success on the road this year (1-4) and this problem has plagued this team since arriving to the Valley.

They are a slow starting team anyway as evidenced by their lack of TD’s in the first quarter this year but they apparently miss the wake up call in the AM for road trips. Maybe if they didn’t need to make trips to the East Coast their road record would improve. They have not won against Baltimore, Washington & Tampa Bay this season (East Coast Trips).

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