Adrian Peterson: Rookie for the Ages

Martin MaleAnalyst INovember 5, 2007

The NFL game this Sunday that got all the hype was the match up between the last two unbeaten teams in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. They lived up to the hype battling it out untill the last minutes of the game with New England winning 24-20. (much to my dismay) But somthing special was happening in Minnesota where rookie running back Adrian Peterson was making history.

 Adrian Peterson set a new NFL single game record of 296 yards in on Sunday against San Diego and also became the first rookie running back to ever have two 200 yard plus games in a single season. This kid doesn't just run; he also had 19 yards receiving giving him a total of 315 yeards in a single game. This performance wasn't against a crappy defense either it was against the chargers who last year had one of the leagues toughest defenses.

Right now he is also leading the league in rushing with 1,036 yards. Yeah, this is one rookie who is proving he can play and people are starting to pay attention.

So, who is Adrian Peterson and were did he come from?

Well Adrian was drafted by the Vikings in the first round from the Oklahoma Sooners where he set the freshman rushing record at 1,925 yards, breaking the 100-yard mark 11 times setting the NCAA freshman record with 9 straight. He was also trusted as a freshman with a NCAA record 399 carries.

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In his sophomore season he lost carrying time due to a high ankle sprain he sustained in the first game of the season but still managed to finish with 1,108 yards and four touchdowns which was second in the Big 12.

After missing most of his junoir year due to a broken collar bone, he decided to enter the NFL draft.

His injuries did raise concern as to his durability at the pro level, but Minnesota drafted him as the 7th overall pick and he has been off and running ever since

Now, people are starting to compare him to some of the greatest rushers of all time, but this rookie has been playing for only nine weeks now in the NFL and he's already breaking records and making his own name. So watch out everyone Adrian Peterson might just be the next big thing.

With Adrian Peterson and the way the Vikings played against the Chargers, one has to wonder how this could possibly be a 3-5 team. Give this team a quarterback and they would be an NFC favorite, not just a team struggling to make the playoffs. On the flip side one has to wonder what is wrong with the San Diego Chargers. This is a team many expected to compete for the AFC championship. At 4-4 this team needs to find a solution quickly before it is too late. There are too many good teams in the AFC for a .500 team to make the playoffs. The problem for them in this game was the offensive line didn’t open the holes for running back LaDainian Tomlinson that the Vikings did for Peterson. Secondly, the Chargers live off Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. They are both big play guys and when Gates catches 1 pass for 10 yards something is wrong and the Chargers are not going to win. They went out and traded to bring Chris Chambers in from the Miami Dolphins. Chambers should be in the line-up as a deep threat to open the lanes for Tomlinson and Gates, not to be the primary receiver as he was in this game. Quarterback Phillip Rivers needs to realize who are his big play guys are and let them make plays. 20 touches for Tomlinson and 1 catch for Gates will not win a game for the Chargers.

The Fantasy Impact: 

I am a huge fantasy football player and I can admit that at the beginning of the year I had 6 picks that were either #1 or #2 and that I was disappointed that I had to take Peterson on 3 of those 6 teams with Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills being my pick the other 3 times. Now I wish I would have taken Peterson with those 3 other picks as I had the first pick with all three of them.


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