Ferrari & Alonso: Galloping In Valencia

Fernando BallesterContributor IFebruary 3, 2010

Around 11:00 am I arrive at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste (Valencia, Spain). After leaving my car in the parking area, I move to the paddock.

First impact is audible since the F1 cars roar echoes across the mountain, plus the shifter off a rhythmic boom every time they gear up or down.

Once inside, I pay attention to the F1 logistics. Rows of trucks that are risen up in the horizon, carrying pieces, boxes, VIP areas, and so on. They are mobile houses. Suddenly, between GP Mercedes trucks, appears 'The Kaiser', Michael Schumacher. Unforgettable moment.

Talking in sporting terms, it seems that Ferrari is again the enemy to beat. His two new pieces, on which they base their success this season—F10 and Fernando Alonso—worked to perfection in his first meeting. Man and Machine were the same entity.

The Spanish stopped the clock at 1.11.470, fastest time of the test for delirium by Spanish fans who went to the circuit, around 36,000.

How important are these clock times? Of course, not conclusive, because neither team shows all his cards during training. But for Ferrari, is a ray of light. And for the rest, a warning signal.

It was just the beginning of the season but the engine noise and the smell of burnt tires unleash the passion of the fans.

Who will be the next champion?

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