Indiana Hoosiers: Saying Goodbye to Rick Greenspan

Sean MorrisonCorrespondent IJune 30, 2008

Rick Greenspan, Director of Athletics at Indiana University, will have a mixed legacy at IU when his tenure ends in December of 2008.

Greenspan, in his four-year tenure, made a number of improvements to the school's athletic facilities.

According to the Indiana Daily Student, Greenspan garnered over $55 million in facility upgrades for the institution.  He also hired Terry Hoeppner, the most storied and beloved football coach in the history of Indiana University.

However, he will always be remembered for his other hire—Kelvin Sampson, the infamous basketball coach who brought shame to the program through his disregard of NCAA regulations and lack of respect for the history of the program.

Sampson has brought not just one, but SIX infractions onto the IU basketball program, crippling the program for what could be years to come—unless new IU basketball coach Tom Crean has anything to say about it.

Sadly, Greenspan will go down in history as the man who hired Sampson, not as the man who managed to build programs through his skillful fundraising and who brought quality coaching to a program that desperately needed it in his hire of Hoeppner.

Hopefully, someone out there will remember the grace with which Greenspan accepted his fate and will find some good in his tenure.  He deserves it. 

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