Hart (seemingly) Heading To Arbi's

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2010

Corey wants 4.8 Mil, the Crew wants to give him 4.15 Mil and both sides are at a standstill (according to Adam McCalvy). Let’s check out Corey Hart’s arguement:

  1. I was totally an All-Star (that was voted in by the fans I later dissed)
  2. I’m a 20/20 guy (once in 08)
  3. I have to put up with fans asking me how many outs there are every freakin’ inning. I mean, geez, can’t these people read the ribbon board?
  4. I lost at bats to offensive powerhouses like Jody Gerut and Frank Catalonotto last year
  5. It takes a lot of money to change my hair as much as I dohart-hair
  6. I hit .173 and had an OBP of .192 during our September postseason chase in 08.
  7. J.J. Hardy and Jason Kendall were the only opening day starters to have a worse OBP and SLG % than me last year.
  8. Even though fans noticed that I didn’t go after as many fly balls very hard in 2009, I had the worst fielding percentage out of every outfielder on the team (including bench players)hartwhoops
  9. I got kids to feed
  10. I heard Melvin has never been to arbitration yet so I’m figuring he knows he’s gonna lose.