76ers: An Internal Debate—Should I Root for My Team To Lose?

Eric DeBerContributor IJanuary 28, 2010

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The practice of rooting against your favorite team is a bold and conflicting decision. It goes against everything you believe in. It negates countless hours of intense devotion. But, remember, the goal is to win a championship. 

I admit to a certain infatuation with ESPN's NBA Lottery Mock Draft. It is so great. Looking to spend (not waste) time wrapping your brain around 2,184 different draft scenarios? Pow! According to this handy invention, the 76ers possess an 8.8 percent chance of receiving a championship ring marked four years from now (whoops, I mean John Wall). 

Each time that mighty make-believe ping-pong ball shows up with the Sixers logo, I'm thrilled. If an iPhone app was made to this mock lottery extent, I would not only purchase it, but waste my battery at every opportunity. 

Sad? Yes—but that is what Sixers fans are now relegated to. 

At their current state the Sixers sit at a healthy 15-30, 7.5 games out of a playoff spot. An incompetent head coach sits on the bench each night, sending in a semi-talented but identity-less team. Basically, they are in shambles. 

Furthermore, the Sixers have lost 14 games this year by six points or less, many of which they led for a majority of the game. 14! From this I can conclude that while they still do suck, they are not eons away from competing.

As constructed with fewer injuries and possibly a different head coach, the Sixers may be one of the last teams to sneak into the Eastern Conference playoffs. Wow, congrats. They would be promptly beat, just like the last two seasons. This accomplishes nothing, except a mid-teens draft pick.

Admittedly, the Sixers have done a great job with these picks the last few years. However, it is easy to see you must have a superstar high-lottery guy if championships are your objective. 

This season may present the perfect opportunity. 

So, I am taking a stand. I want that statistic I stated above, concerning close losses, to grow and grow. Why? I want John Wall. Too greedy? Then maybe Derrick Favors, Cole Aldrich, or Evan Turner. Please, just give me a superstar. 

This stance is not breaking any fan codes. I have good intentions, but there comes a point where things have to change, and this is my solution.

Yes, it will be tough watching the attendance dwindle (if that is possible). It will be hard watching young players like Mo Speights, Thad Young, and Jrue Holiday suffer through the worst season of their lives, but it will be worth it for them and for us fans.

Notes from last night's Sixers vs. Bucks game  

—What the hell is with the horns? Forgive me for being unaware of this situation, but it sounded like an international soccer match inside the Bradley Center. Initially, I thought I was watching re-runs of the Confederations Cup from this past summer.

Seriously, the ambiance of obnoxious horn-blowing may fit in a "world's game" atmosphere, but not in an NBA game in January. Clowns would be envious. Someone inform me if this is legal. Sorry for dedicating so much to this, but it was amazing to me. 

—Rodney Carney is indeed too athletic for his own good. He never plays under control, and seemingly will never become a good part of an NBA rotation. 

—Brandon Jennings is good. 

—Eddie Jordan is now an astounding 45-for-45 in games this year for having horrible substitution patterns. 

Tonight's NBA Bet

Raptors +3.5 at Knicks


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