Super Bowl XLI 1/2: Pats v Colts

James HudsonContributor INovember 3, 2007

IconIn the NFL of today, the Patriots and Colts have proven to be the two powerhouses that always find ways to win in the big game situations. Led by the Brady-Moss connection, the Pats will look to take advantage of the Colts secondary which was in the same defense described last year as one of the worst in the league. Bob Sanders needs to show up if the Colts wish to stop Moss. Moss' numbers are superb with a league best: 779 yards and 11 TDs. Sanders often does blitz in the Colts normal games so the other safeties need to step up on Moss. The Colts defense is somewhat inconsistent though so there has to be some reason why the Colts continue to win.

Could that be Peyton Manning? Many would say so but I believe that Joseph Addai is one of the main reasons why this offense is so good. Their time of possession is always strong due to the balanced attack between running and throwing plays. The Offensive Line never seems to get credit on either side. The Pats OL is a star-studded crew that will be hall of famers. Coming off a excellent performance against the Redskins, the OL prepares to take on Dwight Freeney's Colts.

Another major matchup: Adalius Thomas v Dallas Clark - Dallas Clark is one of Manning's favorite targets and Thomas is right in the middle where Clark would come through. Look for Clark to get lit up at least once. Thomas and Clark both have a no back down attitude. Every battle will count in this game including the ones not talked about. All aspects of the game will need to be perfect in order to survive and win the game.

Fearless Prediction: Patriots 52 Colts 45.

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