Tim Tebow's Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad Is a Travesty

Mickey McGuireCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

After Pam Tebow moved to the Philippines with her husband Bob to conduct a Christian missionary outreach in 1985, she became pregnant with future Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow.

While in the Philippines, she contracted amoebic dysentery through contaminated drinking water.

The doctor who diagnosed her and was giving her painkillers told her that an abortion would be required due to the damage the medication would cause the fetus.

Pam Tebow refused, and now in 2010, she and her son Tim will appear in a Super Bowl advertisement promoting the "Pro-Life" movement sponsored by pro-life group, Focus on the Family.

Not only will this Super Bowl ad be a travesty because of all the controversy it will cause, but Focus on the Family is abusing Tim Tebow's celebrity status to force-feed a political agenda down America's throat.

Over 95 million people watch the Super Bowl every year. In a study by Starcom MediaVest Group where 500 Super Bowl viewers were surveyed, it was discovered that almost 96 percent of Super Bowl viewers are potential voters (ages 18-plus).

This in turn provides almost 96 percent of Super Bowl viewers to have their opinion swayed by a star football player that they likely see on ESPN every other day being praised for his humanitarian work and his "role model" status.

It is not likely that every person who sees this advertisement will be in awe of Tebow's celebrity status, change his or her opinion on the matter, and go vote based on that. However, there will be people who are influenced by Tebow, and there will be people who make a decision on the "Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice" debate in the voting booths because of this advertisement.

If it was my mother and me in the ad, would people care? Probably not.

Not only is Focus on the Family at fault, but CBS is as well. CBS will be broadcasting the game, and they will surely make billions of dollars off advertisements. Why do they have to bring politics into this?

CBS looks bad because they are allowing this advertisement to run. They are just taking the money and running, while scoffing at the idea that they are taking part in force-feeding the political agenda down 96 million people's throats.

This is a football game, not a political forum where voters should be paying attention to the politics and making choices based on the facts. This advertisement is not about giving people the facts. It is using Tim Tebow's celebrity status to tell America his sob story.

Why do you think they are waiting until the Super Bowl to play this advertisement? They know they will be able to influence ignorant voters because they know people watch the Super Bowl and pay close attention to the advertisements. They know that Tim Tebow has celebrity status in America, and he has a sob story to tell.

This advertisement is not being played to raise awareness like they are promoting it to be. This advertisement is being played to gain votes.


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