Bleacher Report Radio: A Big Move For Our Site

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IJune 25, 2008

Bleacher Report is becoming more established by the day, and now B/R is moving to other media. Tonight was the debut of Bleacher Report Radio, hosted by senior writer and radio personality Adam Amick.

Although we reached a high of just 10 listeners, I believe that B/R/R will blossom soon. In speaking with Amick, it may turn into a weekly edition.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on the inaugural show regarding an article I wrote about the North Carolina men's basketball team.

Amick provided those 10 viewers with a very professional voice, and equally as professional editing abilities.

I don't know many other blogs can boast such a good radio show, especially headed by a great and experienced host.

I am one of the freaks on this website that checks my "Play-by-Play" multiple times a day, but I truly feel as though B/R is gaining recognition.

Even though the radio show was not able to be finished due to technical difficulties, I really want to thank Amick for working incredibly hard to put this show together.

L.J. Burgess had an incredibly knowledgeable article about the tragic Scott Kalitta death in funny car racing, and showed just how much B/R writers know about their topics.

My piece, about the 2008-09 UNC hoops team, was very well-edited by Amick, and received some nice reviews on the on-site chat.

Hopefully this radio network can gain some much-needed notoriety, placing B/R centrally on the blogging map.

Special thanks again to Adam Amick for his incredible talent, while also taking precious time out of his schedule to help B/R grow!


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