Detroit Tigers Catcher Gerald Laird Arrested

Blake VandeBunteContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

Gerald Laird and his little brother were arrested in Arizona for getting into a fight after a Phoenix Suns game.  This just doesn’t seem right, does it?  Laird seemed reasonably mild mannered during his first season with the Tigers, but I guess I don’t really know the guy.

This isn’t a Gilbert Arenas situation as there were no real threats and no guns.  However, Laird and his brother allegedly assaulted the security guards at a lounge in the arena and were then arrested.  Yikes.  Hopefully Gerald can get his stuff straightened out and apologize.  Catchers are due to report to Lakeland in a month or so, so a clear head sure would be nice.

Laird was stellar behind the plate and handled Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello like a real pro.  In his first season in Detroit, Laird hit .225 with 4 HR in 135 games.


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