SpikeTV's TNA Wrestling Gets A Message From Its Most Passionate FanBase

Akvar MindonesContributor IIIDecember 22, 2009

After the major breaking scoop I presented last week regarding UFC presenting shows on Versus, and opening up a relationship with NBC-U (and Dick Ebersol), here comes another. A recent poll on www.pwtorch.com should send shockwaves to SpikeTV execs

Doug Herzog and Kevin Kay, as their decision to go head-up with Vince McMahon's WWE and Bonnie Hammer's USA Network Monday Night Raw franchise may be sending SpikeTV down the toilet on Monday nights.

While Kay, who gets tremendous credit for his handling of the network side of the UFC franchise, is one of the most respected sports television execs today, the poll showed TNA Wrestling is missing the boat on what fans want for the sports entertainment show.

According to a report in the UK SUN this morning (http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/wrestling/2780072/A-poll-of-wrestling-fans-has-found-that-more-people-want-ECW-founder-Paul-Heyman-to-join-TNA-than-any-other-wrestling-legend.html), TNA Impact goes head-to-head with WWE Raw in the States on January 4 2010 and at least one major surprise is expected.  And a vote for the PWTorch website had Heyman top of the pile.

The legendary sports entertainment writer/producer scored 31 per cent with his former ECW Original Rob Van Dam getting 23 per cent.  WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is third with 12 per cent, followed by Ric Flair on 11 per cent with Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Mr Kennedy and JBL left trailing.

Torch Editor Wade Keller said: "By the way, the best move for TNA would be to get Paul Heyman in as booker. He'd have the vision and passion to do incredible things if given the keys to TNA's assets."