JaMarcus Russell: A Parody with Some Kinks Involved

Pat CowanCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2009

Russell (to the tune of LOLA by the Kinks)

I met him in the Swamps down at LSU where they turn out athletes that have alot of Muscle.

M –U –S –C – ELL, Muscle

I saw the big fella chowing down on a hog and I asked his name and in a Creole voice he said Russell

R – U – S – S – ELL, Russell

Maybe my hearing was way off track, but this 300 pound guy said that he’s a quarterback, oh my Russell

Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru- Russell

I’m not saying his work ethic is s**t, but he blows off game plans for the barbecue pit, oh Russell



He played pop-warner not 10 years before and he’s never ever learned, not one thing more.

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And when he misses the open man, he blames the wide recivers and the lineman

Well I’m not saying he’s not a good shot, but most of his completions are to the mascots, oh my Russell

L-O-S-E-R, Russell


Well the fans all hate him and the team is mad, the only guys that love him are Frye and Grad, Oh my Russell

Fifty million dollars didn’t buy Al much, but for a five hundred grand he got to two and one No Mo Russell.

F-I-R-E, Russel...