A Letter To Mark Richt

Andrew LoveContributor IDecember 10, 2009

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 21:  Head coach Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs against the Kentucky Wildcats at Sanford Stadium on November 21, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Dear Mark,

I know how tough this year has been for you. I, along with thousands of others, cringed at the sight of your University of Georgia Bulldogs churning out a 7-5 record. We cried with you when Oklahoma State slipped through our hands in the second half. We bowed our heads in silence as LSU ripped the boy's hearts out in the last minute. We yet again shielded our eyes to another embarrassing loss at Rocky Top, and a second romping of the Dawgs in Jacksonville by the enemy. We all gasped as A.J. Green went down, and in all honesty weren't that shocked when Kentucky snuck out a win. After a season of disappointment, it didn't seem so crazy.

As with any powerhouse football program, you should know that as well as anybody, Mark after your tenure with Florida State, rumors start to fly. Last week, you felt the weight of the world to fire your good friend and defensive coordinator, Willie Martinez. We know it must have been tough, but we also know you rarely make a decision based on the media. The faithful believe that you will always do what you feel is necessary at the time. Mark, i'm telling you this now, the pressure is going to keep building.

Your first nine seasons are behind you now, not including the Chuck E. Cheese bowl in Shreveport later in December. You've proven strong as a leader on and off the field, but in times like these the shots keep coming.Your record is strong, but when your defense the past two seasons has let up an average 25 points per game the past two regular seasons, the mob, still quiet and respectful, begins to move their hands toward the loaded gun taped under the desk. People are going to demand answers. Why has our secondary been such a joke? What do these boys do at tackling practice? Why have our running backs, spare the last victory, been so dull? Was Joe Cox the right choice?

As you are flooded with the media and you find that your seat is NOT HOT, but slightly begging to maybe warm up a couple of degrees, just remember: Keep your cool, answer the questions respectfully, and always remember that the journalists are just law school drop outs anyway. If you want, we can even remove the TV from your house and block sports websites from your computer! They all simply do not matter. What you do now in these next few months, with recruiting, spring training, starting rosters, coaching hiring, etc, is all up to you. You want to start a red-shirt freshman at quarterback? Be my guest. Who cares if Yahoo! sports writes an article calling you out. You feel the best man for the defensive coordinator job is a no name from your small town of Omaha, Nebraska, bring him up to Athens and introduce us. If Chris Low or even Jim Rome wants to "burn you" on this, we have plenty of ice.

The point is Mark, is that what you've done here at UGA has been outstanding. Like the old saying goes: If it's slightly broke and maybe needs a touch up repair job, nothing too drastic, then mend it. Don't change your game because some two bit reporter is trying to break the national spotlight with his ignorance. You have an 89-27 record for a reason. Just stay calm, cool, and collected like we all have come to know you as, and keep doing work. Just, try and tone it down on the Gatorade bath next time.


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