The BCS committee is comprised of COWARDS!

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IDecember 7, 2009

Here is what one reader had to say about the BCS: Doug Witt

Finally, the B[S]CS exhibits a measure of brilliance!

A modern day lesson in how to simultaneously minimize both scrutiny and risk of embarrassment

Even Al Capone or John Gotti would be impressed by this one. Never mind that their credibility remains firmly entrenched in the sewer, but the organizing committee shows some creativity in the way they managed to handle two habitual system busting conferences without risking another Oklahoma or Alabama debacle.

Doug had the same feelings and thoughts as I did as I read about the BCS bowl allocations. I believe it is a slap in the face not to put both TCU & BSU against a supposed big-name BCS conference opponent. By allowing this type of match-up manipulation the BCS will simply discredit the winner by saying “they only beat BSU/TCU. If they would have played Florida or Cincy, it would have been a different story.” Or even worse they’ll continue to exclude these school from the possibility of playing for a National Championship. I hope both Gary Patterson and Chris Peterson voice their opinions and feelings about not getting a shot at a “big-time program”.

This is just another way the BCS cartel is sticking it to the smaller conferences and it solidifies the fact that money/face are the only factors in selecting the BCS games.

Games I would have liked to see:

Florida vs. TCU

BSU vs Cincy