Hate it or love it BYU is on top, in Utah.

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IDecember 1, 2009

Class or no class the game was great. It had everything I expected, a tight score, penalties, trash talking, outbursts, and cover-ups. Enjoy it BYU you’ve earned it.

At least our rivalry hasn’t stooped to this level, yet….

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about Max. He’s a passionate guy who spoke his mind. I just hope he has a better game against whom ever BYU plays in the Las Vegas Bowl. Yeah, I said it Las Vegas Bowl -new sponsor who doesn’t care who comes just as long as seats are sold out. (At least I heard the Bowl has a new sponsor, but I could be wrong.)

All I know is that Mr. Nielsen better have a tough banker because Max wrote a big check that Riley is going to have to cash.

To: Utah University

You played a great game, it was fun to watch.

It is no secret that BYU fans and players don’t like Utah fans and players, if anything Max has made next years game that much more intriguing. You will get to wear your black uniforms and the Muss will get creative with the signage -I’m sure it will be very classy- and then the fans will get to watch young men from various states in the USA decided which way of life is better: the Happy Valley or Salt Lake Valley way of life. Until then, get that basketball program back in shape.