Allen Iverson Retires. What He Meant To Hip-Hop

Rahsaan HuntContributor INovember 26, 2009

By Odeisel

What is the answer? The omega to the question’s alpha. Omega. The end. It appears that the answer is indeed at an end as Allen Iverson announced his retirement from the NBA yesterday. His basketball credentials are what they are and his heart and courage in physically dominating a game that is the domain of giants is all but unheard of. But Allen Iverson actually meant more than a basketball player.

In the post-Jordan NBA landscape, Allen Iverson brought Hip-Hop into the living rooms of sports fans who could avoid Hip-Hop by turning the radio off, driving around the hood, staying away from their local Magic Johnson movie theater and sending their kids to prep school.

Allen Iverson was perhaps the most visible manifestation of Hip-Hop. The icy, menacing glare. The slow, bowlegged gait. The bowling alley brawl pedigree. His relentless, indomitable will. His unfailing ‘Pac-like flawed, unrelenting honesty. That triple crossover of Jordan representing Hip-Hop’s stand against the prevailing powers that be. And ultimately, the borderline foolish pride that wouldn’t allow him to operate on others’ terms; the inability to submit and to play someone else’s game.

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