Media: Philly Columnist Bill Conlin Suspended For 'Racist Remarks'

Rupert PupkinCorrespondent IJune 14, 2008

PHILADELPHIA—As the popular local show "Daily News Live" discussed Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's shoulder tendinitis on Tuesday, an emailer named Raul responded to a question posed to coach Andy Reid on Tuesday about McNabb's shoulder injury,

"Are you serious? It was a stupid question. It's tendinitis. Way to go, Philly media. You guys do a great job over-analyzing everything."

This was followed by Conlin saying "It's amazing that guy would leave the blueberry harvest to send that off." 

At first no one thought anything of it; everyone laughed, including host Michael Barkann.  But it was soon realized that this could have been a racist remark regarding Raul's ethnicity.

As Wednesday's AT&T Daily News Live began, fill-in host Neil Hartman started the program with an announcement that the remark may have been "insensitive" and "the network does not support what Conlin said."

Bill Conlin issued a written apology. This was the same day host Michael Barkann unwillingly and suddenly flew out to San Diego to cover the U.S. Open, and Conlin was suspended until further notice.

Here is the video of Conlin making his comment:

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Here is the network's apology:

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Once again Conlin has been suspended pending further review.  He will continue to write for the Daily News


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