Something A-Brewing In Houston? Pops Mensah Bonsu Waived

Vikram DimbaCorrespondent INovember 15, 2009

Prior to the Houston Rockets lackluster effort against the Sacramento Kings, Daryl Morey and the organization cut ties with energetic, but sporadically played Pops Mensah Bonsu.

This move comes as a surprise to fans as some were clamoring for him to receive more minutes because of David Anderson's slow adjustment to the NBA game. When the door for more minutes had unexpectedly opened, it was shut closed just as fast.

The motive was quoted as a move to help get under the luxury tax, and allow for more roster flexibility.

The first question arises, roster flexibility for what?

After watching the game against the Kings, and seeing the Rockets lack of size getting exposed against the lanky Jason Thompson, it was clear how much the Rockets lacked that interior presence with size and rebounding prowess to anchor the defense.

While Pops certainly doesn't help that cause, as he's another one of those "undersized," PF's, I for one wouldn't have minded seeing him on the court instead of David Anderson.

The pieces just don't add up...especially with Anderson's poor play as of late. He's settled for the jumper when it's clear that's not his range, and shown nothing positive on the glass, or defensively.

On the season, he's shooting under 40 percent from the field and 20 percent from the great beyond. After playing 20 minutes against Dallas, Anderson has only played 12 minutes combined in the past two games.

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With his minutes decreasing, it seemed he was slowly becoming the odd man out, and Pops was ready to step into that role.

All signs point towards a trade, but Rockets beat writer Jonathon Feigen quickly shut down that avenue claiming no trade is near.

So it seems a move for the long run if any injuries were to arise (ex. Brooks spraining his ankle a couple games back...and only Lowry to back him up), but why cut Pops now and not when a situation arises, god forbid.

Then with the Kings exposing the Rockets' weakness in rebounding  - out rebounded by over 20 on the road, and Rockets GM Darly Morey conceding rebounding is an issue, it'd be hard pressed to think the Rockets don't have something going on behind the scenes.

For those who don't know, at the same time Pops was waived, Rockets Center Joey Dorsey was also assigned to the NBA Development League.

The Rockets big man rotation is set with the three headed monster of Scola, Hayes, and Landry with Anderson playing sporadic minutes, depending on how well he's playing.

But essentially after those three, there's nobody, Dorsey being sent to the D-League, Anderson struggling, and Pops being waived. The Rockets need for one more big man, at least to provide a sort of veteran depth is apparent.

What's next for Pops? I'm sure under the right system, his energy, and hustle both offensively and defensively will find himself on an NBA roster, potentially as a guy that can be a consistent rotation player as well.

Whether you're a Rockets fan or an NBA Fan in general, we wish the Pops the best of luck in where ever his journey takes him next.

The Rockets need to figure out the rebounding and fast. Next up? The Los Angeles Lakers, whom even without Gasol have two perennially great rebounders in Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom.

Whether's that's via free agency, or it means the current guys stepping up, the Rockets will find a way, they always do.


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