Sami Zayn and 6 Stars Criminally Underused by WWE and AEW in 2020

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2020

Sami Zayn and 6 Stars Criminally Underused by WWE and AEW in 2020

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    The joy of wrestling is watching talent rise up the ranks. When you see someone who has truly earned an opportunity take it and run, it is a special moment.

    However, for every talented star that gets an opportunity, many are left with so little. Wrestling roster are packed with talent, which means not everyone can rise up the ranks as quickly as they should. Some never do.

    WWE is especially bad about this. The roster is overflowing with talent. It is the most talent WWE has ever had under contract, but many are left in the dust because of that.

    While Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston got their time to shine recently, a star like Sami Zayn has never won a WWE championship, and The Revival often feel like a joke more than the best tag team in wrestling.

    All Elite Wrestling has only begun to grow, so there will always be mistakes along the way, missing the key stars. Darby Allin and MJF may be on the rise, but established names like The Lucha Brothers feel forgotten.

    It is tough to get everyone to the level they deserve, but a few obvious names stick out as desperately in need of a fresh start in 2020 before they leave for another company.

The Revival

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    Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have rewritten the rules of modern tag team wrestling. At least that was the idea when they truly made it big in NXT. The Revival changed the game by going completely old school and still stealing the show.

    The move to Monday Night Raw put a stop to much of the teams' momentum, and it often feels like a rocky road for the duo to get anywhere.

    2-time Raw tag team champions and 1-time SmackDown tag team champions, Revival has won gold and been featured. It just never feels like Dawson and Wilder stay in the spotlight for long. They are always a stepping stone for someone else.

    The two put over Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins then Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson before heading to SmackDown to put over The New Day repeatedly.

    It has to be infuriating especially for Revival to be thrown from one story to another on a whim. In 2019 alone, Dawson and Wilder spent weeks working with Shane McMahon, Randy Orton and King Corbin. In 2020, they seem to be helping Sami Zayn.

    Nothing lasts long, and it might be time for the team to consider taking their revival of tag team wrestling to a new company.

The Lucha Brothers

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    When AEW was first announced, two of the biggest signings were Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix. The Lucha Brothers were seen as great singles stars who also could make an impact as a tag team.

    The two have fallen into a background too often since that time despite building major momentum. Pentagon and Fenix seemed just right to be the first AEW tag team champions, and failing at that seemed to be all the two had left to keep them relevant.

    The problem is not that the two are not heavily featured in the division but more that AEW cannot find a way to use them solo. Pentagon and Fenix are main event acts on their own, who could work with just about anyone.

    The Man with Cero Miedo started AEW unofficially at All In going to war with Kenny Omega. He could do the same with Jon Moxley or Darby Allin.

    Fenix may be the single most exciting performer in AEW. His smooth high flying and athleticism make him often feel like he could be the brand's defining luchador. He can have great matches with anyone.

    If the tag team division is focused on others especially with Omega and Hangman Adam Page as champions, it may be time to consider moving this tag team into the main event scene.

Deonna Purrazzo

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    The most unknown name on this list may be the most underused of anyone. While the others in WWE and AEW get featured time on television, Deonna Purrazzo is scratching and clawing for five minutes.

    She put on a show with Asuka in a short exhibition on Monday Night Raw. She always delivers in performances in NXT even when losing to the far less experienced Shotzi Blackheart. She had an incredible few weeks in NXT UK especially against Toni Storm.

    It is ridiculous that no brand can find a place for her. NXT UK is scouring the rosters for strong female stars while the top competitors head to NXT full time. Raw cannot find enough women to fill air time some weeks. The Virtuosa is ready for the right spotlight, and NXT is not it.

    The black-and-gold brand has too many stories going right now. Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae, Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez and more highlight the division. There's no room for a young heel Purrazzo trying to make her way by showing she's smarter than everyone else.

    The Virtuosa has plenty of room to grow as a competitor, but she is already a stronger wrestler than some getting constant screen time.


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    Luchasaurus may have one of the weirdest gimmicks in wrestling, but he has far too much charisma to be stuck as a side performer. He has made a huge impact in a short time. His athleticism at his size makes many of the top guys in wrestling look slow and clunky.

    He and Jungle Boy are a fascinating package, both one opportunity away from something great, but it always feels like Luchasaurus' friend is closer to success than he is.

    AEW needs more guys with size and power, and Luchasaurus does not just lumber around. AEW's resident dinosaur can do it all and has been the highlight of several matches that would have been forgotten otherwise.

    If AEW gives him a chance, Luchasaurus will absolutely knock the opportunity out of the park. He already outshines everyone when he has the smallest opportunities.

    Whether it is finally letting A Boy and His Dinosaur shine in the tag division or letting the dinosaur start brawling with some big monsters, it is time to let him roar.

Sami Zayn

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    Sami Zayn may be one of the single best performers in wrestling today. His in-ring work has stood up against some of the best in the business, and his promos are featured heavily for a reason. He has a way with words.

    However, he was quickly thrown into a manager role without explanation. Managers can be great for a brand, but it is usually wrestlers at the end of their career that turn to managing. The Critics of the Critics is in his prime.

    The only real explanation would be Zayn's injury history. It is the only thing to really hold him back. Still, it is obvious that he deserves better. He may be good at putting over Shinsuke Nakamura, but others could do the same.

    Even though he is featured regularly, he is also still embarrassed all the time. Zayn has never been allowed to be a mastermind as a heel. He just comes off as a goofball, emphasized by his manager role.

    The Artist and Cesaro have barely benefited if at all from Zayn's help. He may be able to talk for them, but it does not means the team is treated as truly imposing. All three men suffer from the alliance. The Critic of the Critics has its worst.

    He needs to go back to working in the ring not just around it. Any other company in the world would have him carrying gold right now while Zayn has never won WWE gold outside his brief NXT Championship reign before that brand's rise to relevance.